Slightly Social


Slightly Social

Was actually able to talk Mom into going to an event tonight. A wine, cheese & jazz thing at the local Unitarians. We only stayed an hour before she got what I call fussy. But while we were there she interacted with other people, most of my friends know what's going on and she's met them at least once. There were a lot of people she didn't know but that didn't seem to bother her too much. She got a little pissed that I wouldn't let her have more than two glasses of wine. The interesting thing was that she thought she saw a friend of mine - Amy - and got excited, got up and started to go over. I went to check but it wasn't Amy, just a lady who from the back resembled her. It was nice to see her show an interest in seeing someone.

Now if I can only get her to agree to going to adult day care two days a week...

2011 At Mowtown in the Downtown when Mom was social when we thought the symptoms were just normal aging


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Good luck with the day care. I'll be interested in hearing how it goes!


Good to hear your Mom would go with you & socialize a bit. Sounds like one of those beautiful times together you will treasure, enjoying a little wine, cheese & Jazz!