Slogan Contest: Wear Green on April 17


Slogan Contest: Wear Green on April 17

wear_green_sloganLast year, we launched an annul event called "Wear Green." Through the event, we hope to bring awareness to the family caregiver experience.

We wore green on the designated day in order to lessen the loneliness and isolation that can be common when you care for a family member or friend. We wore green so we could spot each other in a crowd. We shared photos of our green on social media, including Twitter and Facebook. We had fun while giving a face to a sometimes invisible role---caregiving.

This year, we'll wear green on Friday, April 17.

I selected the color green for a few reasons. Hopefully, we’ll be enjoying spring green on April 17. I chose green because of Donna Baldwin, a 1999 winner of our Caregiver of the Year contest. Before Donna cared for her mom, she had plastic plants in her home; she couldn’t keep a plant alive. As she cared for her mom, she developed a green thumb, eventually replacing most of her plastic plants for live ones. Caregiving can be such a difficult situation. It also can be an experience that fosters growth.

On April 17, you can pull green from your closet to wear.


What if you could pull a "Wear Green" t-shirt from your dresser drawer?

Let's create a t-shirt that we can wear that we sell on to raise money for our CareGifters program. (You also can support our CareGifters program by purchasing an advance copy of our book of poems, A Caregiving Day.) And, let's wear a t-shirt that sports a slogan created by a family caregiver.

Consider this your call for a creative slogan for our "Wear Green" t-shirt. Enter your slogan in our contest for a chance to win $50 cash and a $50 gift card. As you create your slogan, remember:

  • It must be catchy and simple;

  • It must convey the purpose of our "Wear Green" day (we're creating visibility of family caregivers).

Here’s how our "Wear Green" slogan contest works:

1. Deadline to submit a logo is Sunday, March 8. To enter, just complete the form below.

2. You must be currently caring for a family member or friend to enter our contest.

3. Your entry is a donation to so we can continue to help and support family caregivers. With your submission, you acknowledge you will not receive reimbursement from the sale of our t-shirts.

4. I'll announce the winning slogan on March 9. Our winner will receive $50 cash and a $50 gift card.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Good luck!!
Fill out my online form.

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And, the winner is....\r\n\r\n<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@yolanda</a> with her slogan:\r\n\r\nI'm a Family Caregiver\r\nWhat's Your Superpower?\r\n\r\nThe entries were just terrific! Thanks so much to all who submitted one. We'll use other submitted slogans in other ways so stay tuned.