Small Victories


Small Victories

This was week two using the ride service to get my mother to and from her Optimist Club meeting and it went well.

She was in a very good mood this afternoon when I checked on her after work. This small bit of independence seems to make her happy. Also the driver who picked her up after the meeting came inside and asked for her by name. So they are being attentive, which makes me feel a bit better.

So for now we're going to continue the service until such time as either she no longer wants to or simply can't manage it.

The only concern I have in the immediate future is her being able to manage locking the door of my house. It has to be locked with the key (deadbolt) instead of pushing in a button. In damp weather you do have to pull on the door as you turn the key. This could frustrate her quite a bit not to mention being difficult for her to do. So we have one more week at her apartment and then the transport will be from my house.

So small victories ... for now.

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Having a clean mattress cover, a clean sheet, a clean blanket, a clean shirt,and, clean shorts all at the same time!


Thinking ahead, always thinking ahead. Good strategy. Glad for your successes!