Small Victories, Big Aggravations


Small Victories, Big Aggravations

They say that which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. By this time I ought to be able to bench-press an Abrams tank.

Today the caregiver called off. So I re-arranged my schedule to come home over lunch to fix Mom lunch and make sure her beverage was thickened. Too late. She'd already eaten and gotten herself some Dt Coke.

Getting ready for work, I tried on four skirts today in the closet, across three different sizes - NONE fit. Probably because I can't go to the gym, go for a walk or otherwise leave the room when she's watching TV. That, and the stress.

Physical therapy today - flat out refused last night when I told her about it, again this morning and again at lunchtime. Told her too bad, you're going.

Get home and she's half in/half out of the house - stuck. Can't get herself back up the step into the house after getting the mail. How long had she been there? Only God knows. Getting her out of the house and down the four steps to the sidewalk, she freezes, she stumbles and nearly falls.

Get to physical therapy and at first she's grumpy and resisting. But by the end of the 45 minutes she's having a good time.

Able to talk her into getting Chinese food - first time in almost two years. She didn't eat much of it, and I had to cut it all up pretty small. But I was able to eat my favorite dish for the first time in a long while.

Of course MUST put the freakin' TV back on the MINUTE we get home. Never mind that the trash needs to go out, laundry needs to be finished AND there's the matter of the Chinese take-out that needs to be eaten before it gets cold. So I put it on.

I try to watch a webinar for my home business (yes I work full time AND rep a personal care products line) and she keeps interrupting and trying to watch it when she isn't sighing heavily, motioning for me to turn it off and being pissed that I am not paying attention to her show with her.

And she goes to bed with 20 minutes left in her supposedly favorite show. The one that she insisted I put on.

Oh, and the boss at work (the day job) tells me that I need to put her in a home. Why? Because I have to take off work to take her to appointments. Time I have to make up by working through lunch, despite being a salaried employee. He's not losing any money, because I am still doing all the work that needs doing.

I need a new life.

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Yeah, he's a jerk.


Cat, you described the caregiver challenging day(s) very well. Could probably insert different activities with the caree and it would fit most of any given day. It is a challenge that is hard to understand until you live it. And there are individual statements like \"you need to put her in a home\" that are so tough. Easy to direct from the sidelines. Glad you got to eat Chinese food and had to smile at the t.v. comment. Here's hoping to a better day. Thanks for sharing.