So Confused!!!!


So Confused!!!!

ship-273622_640My younger brother and my son have been quarreling for the past almost four weeks since my husband passed away. It came to a head today, two days before we go on a 7-day cruise on Disney or I go to our cabin in Murphy, N.C., with my son.

My brother thinks I am a pot head or taking medicine I shouldn't (all the medicine I take was order by dctor) an I am not taking pot.

My 6-year-old nephew said if anyone is mean on the cruise, he throwing them over board.

So I guess I cruise. I survived my first shot in my neck and went okay, cried when they took me in pre-ops first time without out hubby.

Time to go to bed.

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Tracey Martin

Janet, I just came back after a hiatus. I have been thinking of you often over the past months, Praying for continued strength for you.


I'm so sorry for all the drama, Janet!!\r\n\r\nI think it's wise to go on the cruise. I hope the break will help heal the wounds between your brother and your son. And, I love your nephew's comment---I hope the adults will take his lead and follow the \"no drama\" rule!!


Daddy only has a wisper of a voice. His hospice nurse says he's declined since she meet him two weeks ago. Last night he said he wanted to go back to West Wood and be in the nursing home so I wouldn't have to take care of him. I told him NO WAY I WANT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU DADDY. He got tears in his sunken eyes. I told him he was the best Daddy a kid could ever wish for and that he gave me the greatestchildhood. He really did. I grew up on the beach in Florida. We fished, swam, water skied and just had funeveryday. He always took care of us and made sure we had everything we wanted, with in reason,. I'm between a rock and hard spot now. Hospice wants me to start him on liquid morphine. He's not in physical pain I told them. They said it would open his airway so breathing would be better since he sleeps alot. My sister said if I give this to him he will pass away in a few days. I'm not ready for him to go, but I know he wants too. He hates living like this as he has always been strong and very independent. He can't stand the diapers and someone cleaning him up. I love him so much I don't think I can handle him passing away. I'm so exhausted I'm having a very hard time controlling my emotions. If I'm not with him I'm watching him on the video monitor. I need advice from someone who has been through this. Can someone help me make the right dicission. I know I need to pray and ask God what to do but I'm afraid he'll tell me to let him go.