So Far, So Good


So Far, So Good

Well, the first attempt at Good Rides giving Mom a ride to her Optimist Club meeting went reasonably well.

Got Mom into the van all right. Club members got her back into the van to come home all right. When I went over after work she was in a good mood and seemed to have thought it went well.

The only worrisome part was when I got to the apartment 15 minutes before the van was to arrive she wasn't at all ready and actually came to the door in just her panties. That's it. A nearly 77-year-old woman with a mastectomy there in all it's gory is not exactly what one wants to have the neighbors see.

She was pretty confused. But we got her all arranged and on the van.

The trick is going to be having her get on the van by herself next week.

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I'm so glad it worked on Wednesday! There's always that one trick that we worry will trip us up. \r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us posted.\r\n\r\nHow's the new job?


Oh boy. I'll be thinking of you both.