So Far, So Good


So Far, So Good

Today was the first day to have a caregiver from Home Instead Senior Care here. Mom was in a better mood when I got home than she usually is. So, at least for today, having someone here to break up the day seems to have helped. Of course one day isn't much to go on and time will tell but it is somewhat encouraging.

Going to have to leave a list for the caregiver though, the dishes didn't get done. Now she may have not been able to figure out how to fill the sink or something and the dusting wasn't done completely BUT if she was keeping Mom company that is good. Of course I presented this whole thing to Mom as this person being her to help me with housework so I don't have to spend two hours every night after work cleaning. The floors got swept though, so that's good.

Time will tell but it's a start.

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Great news!


YAY! Sounds like Home Instead is off to a decent start.....keeping my fingers crossed it works out.