So Scared for the Road Ahead


So Scared for the Road Ahead

So, I hope I found the right place to get support.

My grandfather has dementia and he lives at home with nurses and my grandmother. My grandmother and my mother have been my grandfather's primary caregivers, I suppose. I'm worried about the stress that it is causing them and I know that they feel like they have only me and one another to talk to about how they feel. My grandfather has been having bad day after bad day lately. He is sexually inappropriate with his nurses and if he isn't slightly sedated then he is angry, paranoid and inconsolable.

This doesn't feel like the grandpa that I grew up with and. I get scared every time before I see him now. I feel terrible admitting that.

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Megan, You have found the right place. I have found the chats and the blogs and most everything about this site to be a comfort. The road ahead has many twists and turns and blind spots. We all have our own path that we travel. I for one, am very happy that my path crossed here. Please join us for the caregiving chats.


Megan, thank you for being a place where your grandparents can share their stress and needs. Dementia is not an easy robs us of the family member we knew. The love we give back by listening, caring, helping and just being there is so important. Thank you for sharing your story and please keep coming back. This is a great site for resources and support. Hugs to you.