So, What's on Your Feet Goday?


So, What's on Your Feet Goday?

shoes-696830_640A friend of mine on Facebook just mentioned that she had worn two totally different shoes to work. It reminded me of the time we went to visit my husband's neurologist. We hadn't been married for too long so the doctor appointments were still somewhat new to me.  The doctor's office was 45 minutes away and when we got there and I stepped out of the car,   I looked at my shoes. Ach! I had one brown shoe and one black shoe! What to do? What to do? My husband was very independent back then,  so of course I said to him,  "I can't go in there like this!" and waited in the car.

Keep in mind,  my husband has a head injury and the appointment was to see his neurologist. I'm sure the doctor had seen patients with two different shoes on in the past. Anywho, I was relieved that I had noticed in time to avoid some embarrassment but no.  When my husband came out,  he told me he had mentioned to the doctor that I had two different shoes on and didn't want to come inside. Doh! It's a funny story now which our son just loves to hear but at the time,  I was mortified.

I was thinking about it today and told my  friend that it just means you have more important things on your mind than what's on your feet. At one point my husband had a fantastic neurologist who could always tell if there had a been a change in my husband's status by how well (or not) I was put together. If my hair was crazy and I was in sweats and an old t-shirt,  he knew something was going on at home with hubby.

So,  what's on your feet today?

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What an astute doctor to see the family as an entire unit facing the health issue. In the same vein, now that I'm NOT a caregiver, I am remaking myself in the image of the South Florida Woman, wearing long, cool, white cotton pants and high-heeled flip flops. Trying to squeeze my butt into my Ann Taylor slacks right now.


I love this! And... yes, I found myself at the pharmacy once and looked down to see I still was wearing my fuzzy bedroom slippers. \n


My coworker has come to work wearing two different shoes on several occasions. On the other hand, I am notorious for coming in with things on wrong side out. We always get a good laugh out of our sartorial screw-ups! :)