Solitaire Showdown Smack Board

Update: Congrats to Shandi, who won with the high score of 637. Shandi held off her competitors for hours! Our Leader Board with the six highest scores is right. Thanks, everyone, for a great tournament! Look for our next showdown soon.

Today is Solitaire Showdown! I wipe the Leader Board clean at Noon CT (1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. ET); the holder of the high score eight hours later wins. The winner receives an autographed copy of my book, Good Morning! Sunny Reflections to Start Your Day. More importantly, you’ll win bragging rights.

Solitaire Showdown comes during our Caregiving Garage Sale on You can post an ad for free this weekend on our classifieds site. Our garage sale is a great reason to clean out your caregiving closet and get rid of the equipment and supplies you no longer use or need.

As we play today, feel free to post comments (aka talk smack) about the action on the board. (We talk smack in a kind, gentle way.)

I'm ready for all of you!! I've been practicing!! I have a new all-time high score of 655.

Good luck to all!

Play here.

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