Something Is Coming!


Something Is Coming!

A graphic representation of the four phases in...Hello all,

I know you haven't heard from me in about a month or two. I've been really busy.

We are adjusting to life without my hubby one day at a time, but in the meantime are being blessed.

My daughter apparently is a "gifted" child and thus I'm already challenged with her schooling and how to keep her occupied.

I can only tell you a tiny bit of what I'm doing as I'm waiting till the end of a conference for an announcement that I'll be making with respects to what I do. But I can say this, I am an Emergency Management Disability Liaison which means exactly that. I communicate and facilitate between the disability community and the disaster responders. There is more and it benefits anyone who is a caregiver. I'm sorry I just can't say at this time.

But I wanted you all to know that at every presentation I do, know you come with me (via tag, bracelet or Robert's Epilepsy helmet) and that "you" are making an impact before first responders. I must also make special mention of Jane and her daughter Nicole's story; they love the challenge I present them with based on it.

If you have questions as a caregiver on emergency preparedness please let me know.  I know that Denise and I had discussed doing something on this topic after June 6. But post your thoughts anyway!

Love you all,

The Roaring Mouse

P.S. It's tornado season and soon to be hurricane season.  If you don't have plans, planning any piece is better then no plan at all!

Yes, I will be writing again soon!

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This sounds very exciting. Can't wait to hear more. So glad how well you are doing. You are living your success. :)