stars-790026_640Once, you felt like you sparkled. You knew how to have fun. Your happy-go-lucky self seemed to set off mini firework explosions.

And, then life happened.

Now, you live with doubts which seem to diminish the sparkle.

Now, you lay away at night with worries which seem to shut down the sparkle.

Now, you battle for help with seems to extinguish the sparkle.

Now, you juggle your responsibilities which seems to suck out the sparkle.

It just seems like you've lost your shine—at least you can't see it and certainly can't feel it.

But we do. We see how your care and comfort and commitment lights up the room. We see how your tireless tenacity leaves a glow. We see how your heart brilliantly glistens.

You sparkle but not in the way you did during the immaturity of your youth. You sparkle in the way that only wisdom and purpose can. Let go of how you sparkled then so you can embrace how you sparkle now. You'll find today's sparkles to be more vibrant, more meaningful.

Know you sparkle.