Five Days of Comfort: Spent


Five Days of Comfort: Spent

fir-334011_640It's hard when spent becomes the day.

You've spent what was allocated in the budget.

You've spent all the favors you could call in.

You've spent all the patience you could muster.

You've spent all the time you could find.

You're just spent.

How do you find more to fill up your accounts?

Because you're spent, you may think you cannot buy.

But you can.

You can buy by giving to yourself. When the budget stretches, give yourself a break. You're amazing at stretching and making do with what you have. When the favors dry up, give to yourself by writing out three gratitudes. Your gratefulness will bring you back into favor. When the patience runs out, give yourself breathing room and a reminder that you're doing your best under really tough circumstances. When the time runs out, give to yourself by simply telling yourself it's okay to take more time.

The day takes up. You can give back.

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