Spinal Rehab


Spinal Rehab

kettle-bell-592905_640Tuesday was my first appointment with my PT. She appears to be a lot more knowledgeable about spine health and athletics than my doctor does.

For my first visit, she asked me a lot of questions about my activity levels and assessed my flexibility and ROM all over, not just the spine. She found that my left leg was shorter than my right and adjusted my pelvis. She had me lie on my back with my knees bent and try to force my legs together while she tried to hold them open. My hip pain is better now and may go away altogether with the exercise she gave me yesterday of squeezing a medium size rubber ball between my knees.

She also gave me an exercise to gently align my spine where you lie with your pelvis in full contact and gently push your torso up until your abdomen is in half contact with the ground. The advice she gave me is not to do the lumbar stretching anymore because while it temporarily alleviates the pressure in the disk, it pinches the disk in the same place it's already herniated and pushes the fluid inside toward the back.

I have four more appointments scheduled wherein she's going to give me more techniques to decompress my spine that supposedly will work better than inversion.

I also learned from her the reason the shearing force of the kettlebell in swings and snatches is so good for the lumbar area is because of how much extension is exacerbated during the eccentric phase of the move...which further explains why performing overspeed eccentrics with the kettlebell makes my back feel like it's never been injured.

Overall, I'm very happy with her, and I'm looking forward to my next visit when she's promised to give me a copy of my treatment plan.

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Boy, this is quite an education. I'm learning all kinds of stuff. Thanks for sharing, and I hope this path provides all the relief you need to feel better physically and mentally.


It sounds like you're off to a good start with the PT. I'm glad to hear it.


Excellent!\r\n\r\nYour PT sounds awesome. I'm so glad you are doing this and happy that you're already feeling better.