rocks-175585_640It's like a jar of jam dropped on the floor.

And, now you've got a sticky mess.

That's a caregiving day.

It goes wrong through no fault of your own. The visiting nurse is an hour late so you're an hour later to work. You can't reach the doctor so you just try to make do. Insurance denies the help you need so you add hours to your day just waiting on the phone to connect with someone (anyone!) who can help reverse the decision.

The mess just sticks.

And, it sucks.

It sucks. You, however, rock.

In the midst of the madness of a caregiving day, you continue. You keep going. The spilled jam could keep you stuck in place. You do what's necessary (like taking off your shoes and leaving them in that mess) so you can find better. And, when you can't find better, you do what you can to create better.

Splats happen. You overcome.

You are simply amazing.

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So familiar! you nailed it, Denise.