luggage-mdOh, for the days when spur of the moment could be part of the day.

When you could pick up your car keys and go. When leaving the house required exactly 30 seconds--15 when you had somewhere wonderful to go.

You can remember how wonderful it was to be spontaneous.

The end of spur-of-the-moment feels like a bone spur--a part of your life that sticks out and reminds you that you've got pain.

Longing for the spur of the moment can become the temptress that leads you to throw a never-ending pity party. "Everyone can come and go as they please," you'll announce during your party, "I am cursed because I can't."

It certainly sucks to feel that ball and chain--that bone spur--which limits your mobility.

And it's absolutely true--you can't just leave. But, you watched as others have left you; they traded in helping you during caregiving so they could keep their spur-of-the-moment lives.

In that light, spur-of-the-moment loses its shine. In this new light, you realize that embracing responsibility means you shine.

Maybe you can't take that trip. Perhaps this journey you're taking will provide a much better vista.

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