Star Alignment


Star Alignment

night_starsIt has been a long time since I've taken the time to write here. Mike has been fighting cellulitis infections about once a month on an all too familiar basis, my parents sold their house and moved after 35 years in the same town and my brother and his wife are expecting.

To add to all the craziness there have been cut backs at work and my workload has expanded. I am, however, grateful  that I have a full-time job that is keeping us afloat. We finally go to mediation with our lawyer and the insurance lawyers next month. On one hand it's a relief after two years of fighting and waiting, but on the other hand it is another stress to deal with. We are hoping this mediation will allow us to get our lives back. It's amazing how much it affects your life when you're in limbo.

If all of the stars align we are hoping to be able to put our house on the market and move into something smaller. I never thought that we'd be looking to downsize before our 60s, but with Mike's infections becoming a regular occurrence and his mobility at times limited we need a one-story home. The problem is I didn't realize how hard that would be to find. It seems like the going trend for houses is bigger is better. We are also hoping for a smaller mortgage that can help us save some money.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the stars will align.

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I'll cross my fingers for you too. Good luck.


Limbo is the worst! I've been in limbo the last four months and I can tell you I know how that feels! I hope all comes togeather for you!

Lillie Fuller

Limbo sucks! Praying for you and Mike that everything works out in your favor! And have fun when you go meet that baby!! I'm jealous!


Hoping for those stars to align just right -- longing for that with you ...


You're right. Limbo certainly does take its toll! May the stars align for you and your family.