Started a New Week


Started a New Week

ambulanceWe had a little excitement on Saturday. I got to be a caregiver of two different people at the same time and neither were my mom.

I went to a luncheon with my Beta Sigma Phi sisters.Everything was going well, we had just finished lunch. As we waited for our cake, when all suddenly my friend sitting across from me fell back, passed out and then went into a seizure. Luckily there were nurses around to try to help her. I went out of the room and looked around, trying move things out of the way for the medic. I noticed one of my other friends was having an anxiety attack. I tried to calm her down. Then they gave me the purse of my friend who passed out to try to get information as I still tried to calm down my other friend.

The medic arrived and needed information so a friend helped me go through her stuff to tell them. I finally got someone over there to help my other friend. Of course, I select worst person to calm someone down. So they got my friend on a stretcher to go to the hospital since we couldn't get hold of her family. We were in the ambulance and I started going through her purse looking for information, plus trying to calm my friend from the front seat. We got her to the hospital and I jumped out talked to tell her what was going on. I couldn't reach anyone on the list of paper of names and phone number and left plenty of messages. They got her in a room and needed to cut her shirt off. She didn't want to so I told her I would buy her a new one.

She has been in the hospital since Saturday. On top of her problem she drinks too much and some drugs. Her son is a drug head. She tried to checked herself out on Saturday. I had to tell them not to because it wasn't safe for her to go home. The doctor said she shouldn't drive for six months to one year. Hopefully, the doctor will send notice to our drivers license agency.

I did get little good news; we have a showing tonight of mom's house. Tomorrow I go to see two doctors; one is for my back surgeon, which is no biggy. I have to go to my cancer doctor and I know he is going to get on me. I am small person to begin with but I have lost almost ten to fifteen pounds so I know I am going to get talk to about it

I am getting help on understanding Mom's long-term care from MetLife. I felt like a fish out of water, but they are helping.

My son and his wife didn't have enough drama in their life so they decided to say stuff and then told us they didn't our babysitting services, which was okay because we need a break with everything going on. My son and his wife forgot you have to pay money when your child is in day care. So in the last two days, they have figured out that maybe we are good babysitters. I'm at the point of not careing what my son and his family do. We are just trying to survive everything with my mom.

Well, I have talked enough but it does help sometimes to write it all out.

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Incredible! You are such a wonderful friend to jump in during a crisis. You have so much going on and I am glad you have written it out. I trust the rest of your week will be more calm :)


Wow. What a weekend! A family caregiver is an absolute asset during any crisis.\r\n\r\nI so hope your friend is doing better.\r\n\r\nI also hope the rest of your week is drama-free. :)