steam_trainSome days, you have too much steam. So much, it seems, that it comes out of your ears. On those days, it's the home health aide who shows up late, the medications which never show up, and the phone call from the doctor which doesn't come that just make too much steam. You're just so mad at all that goes wrong.

And, then you have days when you don't have enough steam. Your get-up-and-go got up and went. You just can't get the energy to go, to do. You can't make the steam your train needs to go.

When you have too much steam, use it to your advantage: Take a walk, run the stairs, clean the house. Then resolve the situation that got you steamed. The activity will keep your head clear so you can be effective during the resolution.

When you don't have enough steam, borrow some. Ask for help with errands, order in a pizza for dinner, take a nap, simply stop and sit. When you respect that you need a slower day, you'll be able to meet tomorrow with more energy.

With your ability to adjust, too much or too little can feel like just enough.

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