Sticks (a.k.a. Don't Push The River And Try To Let Go)


Sticks (a.k.a. Don't Push The River And Try To Let Go)

My Friend Shot Lovely Photos of Ducks.  I Got ... My Friend Shot Lovely Photos of Ducks. I Got a Stick. (Photo credit: cobalt123)

“In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.
In the pursuit of Tao, every day something is dropped.

Less and less is done.
Until non-action is achieved.
When nothing is done, nothing is left undone.

The world is ruled by letting things take their course.
It cannot be ruled by interfering.”

Tao Te Ching
Lao Tsu
Translated by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English
Vintage Books 1997
Chapter 48

This quote was sent to me by @rainbow in response to my post, Always Chasing Rainbows. I love the quotation in the picture of  'Sticks'; makes me laugh ("my friend shot a picture of ducks, I got a stick'). But a stick in itself is beautiful. It is. It doesn't try too hard. It flows with the river and doesn't push. It lands where the universe wants it to be.

I'm in awe, once again, of the Magic amongst us as caregivers in this community. I'm in awe in what I find when I type in a word like, oh heck I'll type 'Sticks' and get something akin to feeling like a Stick In The Mud. Feeling like I'm stuck in the system and can't get enough rest. Feeling like  no one hears me but 'you do'. Without reading the blogs, I think I want to reply by saying you are not alone in the struggle to move as a caree or wanting to be heard, to be validated. This is my reply to my friends that have gotten me through such difficult times.

As @worriedwife said, I don't know what I would have done without you or what I would do without you. Thank you and my wish for us all today is to try and get through the day without pushing the river and Be. As One. Try not to Chase Those Tigers. Watch The Tigers Run Free. Allow the Rainbows In. Hide With Permission. Rest In Shelter. Be. As one.



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Good idea :) \r\n\r\njust for a moment \r\nI envelope myself\r\nin the crevase\r\nof a pristine\r\nmisty mountain


Now that is a validation, my dear. Capturing the Essence of The Tao I thought was beyond me . .guess not! Now let's try and practice it. :) (((((Hugs)))) my friend.\r\nil


Loverly il. You captured the essence of Tao....


Never ceases to amaze me the stuff I write that I go OK this is c**** but heck I'll just type it gets the best reaction :) Thanks Pegi.\r\nThank you guys for being patient with all my writings. Sometimes I feel like I'm overdoing it . . . it helps me at least! il


Love this, Il!\r\nThere's much to be said for the fine art of Be-ing. :-) And Be-ing here with all of you.