Still Going


Still Going

carousel-878782_640Well, last week I blogged about repeating. This week we are still going.

My husband's anxiety is very high. I can't go anywhere. If I do, it triggers his anxiety. He also had a bout of really not feeling well but I don't know what's wrong

So you see, we're still going and repeating, same steps over and over.

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I hope he's feeling better by now, Kaz. I'm wondering how it's going. It's hard not to be affected by our spouse's anxiety. And if you are a sensitive, intuitive person by nature, that makes it even more difficult. I hope you've gotten some time for yourself and that things have calmed. I'm interested to hear.\r\n\r\nThat would be a good topic wouldn't it - strategies for coping with loved one's anxiety. We could compile a list of what's worked for different people and situations. Maybe Google has something helpful to read.


I'm thinking of you today, Kaz, and hoping for an easier day for both of you. I hope solutions replace the repetition. \r\n\r\nThanks so much for keeping us posted.