Streamlining Home


Streamlining Home

flowers-164965_640It is an intention and goal of mine to streamline our home, both to make living easier and to make future transitions easier when and if they come. I am healthy enough to do it, and there s time for it now. It's a part of my "expectant/freshman" caregiver season.

And yet I was thoroughly stuck. Books which talked about organizing/streamlining in an impersonal way didn't resonate with me. Of course it's easy to get rid of things when you're not attached to them -- that's why professional organizers can do what they do. In fact, I was a systems analyst decades ago and assisted corporations with streamlining paper flow etc all the time -- and yet can't get a grip on the paper tiger in my own home.

i realized that is because I could be dispassionate there, and that isn't possible with items in my home. I have my Mother's clothing and furniture still here (she passed in April 2014). I have things that remind of of friendships which have ended, and many many times that were happy.

I  recently read called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up  by Marie Kondo.  (You can read my full review on the "Get Organized" forum.)

One of the really interesting things about the book is that she has you focus on what to keep around you, rather than what to discard.  And the standard she suggests is "does this spark joy?"

This book acknowledges all of that, and acknowledges that this is emotional work. And I've decided that it is work worth doing, because the objects around me hold emotion whether I face it or not. That's what had me so paralyzed, not just this year, but always. I couldn't face the emotion in the objects, or the emotion of letting them go. If I wait to let the object go until I'm ready to let the person go, it's not gonna happen.

I think I'm ready. I'll keep ya "posted".

And as always, "this reminds me of that" so see my next blog post "streamlining life."

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I am so glad you've found the right perspective Mar! I am finding so much frustration with our home streamlining efforts -even doing what the home health nurse has suggested! Since we live in Grandma's house, the changes that we make cause very negative pushback from Elly! Even when it's in her best interests! We are finding that communication about what needs to change doesn't really work, not sure if it's just the natural stubborn nature or the touch of natural aging dementia! I find myself just working on my Paper Mountain and hoping to change my bedroom landscape even in the smallest ways to find peace. I sooo, look forward to being able to manage my household more fully some day :) For now, every little bit helps! Best wishes for your endeavor and thanks for the reminder!

Lillie Fuller

I need that book! Maybe I can get rid of some of my STUFF!