Stress, Chaos and Relief


Stress, Chaos and Relief

0 week has been stressful.

Everything seemed to be coming together and then BAM! Things turned left and I got stressed. But they've been resolved.

It's funny how things can get misinterpreted in the chaos of a moment.

However, I do have hotel reservations and my roommate's parents wanted to do something to help, so the roommate's mother is driving us to the hospital on Friday, she's going to stay and help me get situated in my hotel and back to the hospital and she's even offered to pay for the entire stay.

I told her she didn't have to do it but I have learned that when someone offers me assistance to take it. I offered to go half and half but she insisted on paying for the whole stay and I am VERY grateful.

She's also being a strong advocate in resolving the roommate situation. We had a long heart-to-heart today and she laid out some solutions she and her husband have been thinking about and although I told her I needed time to think about the decision, all of the options are more than generous.

I really want to find a way for my husband to be with his best friend but he obviously needs help that I cannot provide, at least not while I am trying to take care of Marc, and she completely understood that and she completely agrees. Having that dialogue took four compounded months of stress off of me and helped open me up to deal with what is ahead of me and Marc going into this surgery.

Right now all I want to do is focus on spending the last day before this surgery with Marc and getting all the cuddle time I can get. I think Marc listening to me and the roommate's mother have the conversation tonight actually made him feel much better. He's laughing more and seems more relaxed. No matter how hard I try to hide it, he knows when I am stressed and it takes a toll on him, as well.

I have a care package coming from EG (@ccforsure) this weekend that I am super excited about it. I have two super special Caregiving WAIT BUDDIES that will be there for me on Friday.

Things are looking good and I am very hopeful that this will be not only a successful surgery for Marc but our long-term fix for his problem.

I just want to thank everyone for their support through all of this. You all mean the world with me. Thank you for being such wonderful people.

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That heart-to-heart came at just the right time. I am thankful and relieved that you and roommate's mother covered so much ground and that she is in your corner. And I'm very glad that you and Marc had a day of cuddle time. I've got everything crossed here for Friday, too. (((Hugs)))


My mom at 93.99999 made it through emergency hip surgery yesterday so I am sending her strength to Marc and you. May tomorrow go well and I wish you peace and Marc a speedy recovery. Hugs.