Five-Day Stress Share Begins April 1


Five-Day Stress Share Begins April 1

As you may know, I’ve been collecting data about your caregiving stress, the overlooked epidemic in our communities.

We know that caregiving stress can be ongoing. I also believe that caregiving stress is constantly changing, that what stresses you on Monday is replaced by a different stressful situation on Tuesday. To show the constant and changing face of caregiving stress, I’d love for you to tell us about each day’s caregiving stress over a period of five days.

For five days beginning April 1, stop by our and simply share about your caregiving stress. Look for the headline, What’s Today’s Caregiving Stress? and the related day (like Day 1, Day 2, etc.) and then share your stress in a comment. We’ll conclude our Five-Day Stress Share on Friday, April 5.

Your stories about your day’s caregiving stress will make our data about your caregiving stress that much more compelling.

Thanks so much! I’m grateful to all of you who share and give on

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Day 2

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Day 4

Day 5

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My husband has MS and has been in a scooter for the last 6 years. He was unable to drive for many years until two years ago he went through testing and passed to get his drivers license when we had our handicap van equipped with hand controls. He uses the van to go back & forth to work, in the last few weeks he has had some issues and has come home with scrapes & scratches on the van, misjudging distance, then last Friday he ran into the truck in front of him when coming to a stop. It was only minor damage as he hit the hitch on the truck. My stress today was after he left for work I looked over and saw his cell phone sitting in the charger. Nothing can be so unnerving than someone who is unable to walk, driving with no way to get in touch with you if something were to happen. He didn't call from work once there because no doubt he doesn't remember my phone # since it is in his phone. Happily he made it to & from work with no incidents!