cords-102685_640Sometimes, you feel as if you're hanging by a string. You wonder if you'll have enough energy, hope and resources to keep going, to keep the faith, to make it to tomorrow, to make it through caregiving.

Sometimes, you feel like others just string you along. Will family members show up? Call? Help? And, then life seems to string you along, too, giving you a glimpse of better but never really turning on the lights so you're flooded with a better day, a better solution, a better way.

When you only seem to have a few strings, how can you possibly continue?

Do what you've been doing: Take the strings and make the most of them. A violin makes us hum with its four strings. A guitar makes us clap with its six strings.

Your strings will become stronger and more resilient, just like you. You've got the heart and soul and strength and wisdom--your strings--you need right now. Add in our support and you've got a string orchestra.

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<a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a>, strings are a good thing in my book. Last week my husband's doctor was talking with him and said \"I can see that there are two things that make you truly happy and relaxed. When you talk about them, your whole affect changes, softens. They are your wife and your music.\" My husband was discharged from the hospital last Friday afternoon; four hours later he was playing out with his good friend Chris at a local bar. People said \"You're crazy to let him do it! He just got out of the hospital!\" But how could I not -- playing his bass is the best medicine in the world for him.

Lillie Fuller

I just keep holding on as I tie those strings together, knot by knot by knot! Love this one! Thank you Denise!


This is how I am feeling today. I just feel overwhelmed today and drained! Times like this I feel guilty as I just want it to be a lazy day and pray that my dad will just sleep and take it easy today but never happens.\r\nMy patience is minimal and I hate days like this. I don't lose my temper and I do hang on to that last string but it is hard! Thanks for posting this.. its a good reminder I am not alone on caring for a loved one.