Subtle and Powerful


Subtle and Powerful

Without meaning to I went off the grid from and from most of my connections over the past few days. It was not intentional yet, although I know better, it happened. The urge to drift along, isolate, let the world drift by while l watch it from my house pulled at me like an intense undertow off the coastline. Yesterday the home health nurse and the social services agent made a home visit. I had an appointment with my shrink and made a conscious decision, despite the allure of doing nothing, to do things that keep me in today and in touch with my life.

This is a short post. It may be one of the most important ones I have written if it helps someone else.

Watch for the overwhelming need to sleep, eat, stay inside except for the most essential of needs, feelings of self-loathing and a suspicion that no one will understand so why call. I talked about it with my shrink and he said it is a very real component of caregiving full time and the only antidote to sinking completely is to accept that, for now, this is my journey. It is not forever. It is not easy. There are no indicators of how many more miles are left to walk. These are the realities and the acceptance I need to embrace. Today is number one of try, try again. Pray for me and I will pray for you.

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Thank you for your meaningful post Lark. I am so glad you avoided a very dangerous place! I will be praying for you!


Thank you for sharing Lark and for being here. The important reminder about being aware of our feelings and recognizing the overwhelming need to withdraw and our personal responses to the stress (mine is eating and feeling isolated) are important triggers for me now to connect. The stress of caregiving is so powerful and the reminder that it is a journey is needed. The importance of this group and that support is critical. You are in my prayers and thank you for the reminder to stay connected.

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for sharing this Lark. It's so easy to fall into that dark hole and so very difficult climbing out. I'm so thankful I have you and some others here who help me to remain connected. I hope you know that I am also here for you. Thank you for being you.