Summer Fun!


Summer Fun!

I've had a great summer so far.

I went on an overnight trip with a friend to help her look for a new apartment for her family. I took my cousin Eli to our local Strawberry Festival.We visited Los Angeles' historic Olvera St. and Chinatown. We took the Metrolink to get there.

It's all thanks to my Mom who takes over Grandma's care while I'm out. I hope everyone is having a great summer too!

LA FunStrawberry FestivalGirls Trip

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Thanks for sharing the happy faces and mementos of your good summer so far. We're smiling alongside of you. Good for your mom to support you as well, it sure does take a village.


So glad you are enjoying the summer, Yolanda. Thanks for sharing the photos! :)


Good for you, Yolanda!! I love the photos and I love that you are wearing your Superpower t-shirt. !! :)


Sounds like so much fun! Glad you've had this break. :-)

Lillie Fuller

That's great that you've been getting out!!! Sounds like it's been fun! I love the pictures also. I've never taken the scenic Los Angeles tour, it's something I'd like to do. I have taken the San Diego scenic tour though. I'm glad your having fun and that you have help from your mom!!!