SuperFrog to the Rescue (Defense Rebound)


SuperFrog to the Rescue (Defense Rebound)

Water drop Water drop (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

"Sometimes we care so much, that we forget about our own feelings"
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I have no idea whom I'm quoting this time, so please forgive me if I say something that has already been said and give yourselves credit  :). And please forgive my "addiction" to blogging.  And please see this as my reply to the posts today.  And please laugh when I say I typed in "SuperFrog" to see what image I would get for this post and got the image you see.  So, SuperFrog is now a member of, my friends, and resides in this water drop (@Doug88888).

This all started when I thought about Magic (@ildestino1, @ejourneys, @worriedwife et. al.) and read the posts today, which got me thinking about what we go through.   Woke up today to Mom sundowning and wandering to find my father. He had gone out because a neighbor was kind enough to give us a heads-up that there was a water main that had broken.

Now, mind you, the neighbors are new and they have no idea of the situation at our house (e.g., dementia), so this was a lovely gesture!  In my half asleep mode I got up, heard Mom say someone broke a window! What?! Please let my car be O.K. was my first reaction, as I was half asleep.

I know I could have handled this better, so I needed SuperFrog at the time...akin to is it Oblivia land? Thank goodness everything turned out O.K. (this time).  Mom came back in the house.  But, both parents kept sundowning.   Their dementia is progressing and lingering.  Last night Mom didn't put on her underwear and Dad had a "few drinks."

So, when I said goodnight to Mom, I said to her that perhaps she should put on some underwear. I got, "Don't treat me like a five-year-old!" To which Dad said, "You're acting like a five-year-old!" To which I said to Mom, "I just want you to be comfortable," and held up a gentle hand to say to Dad, let's let it go. To which Dad sundowned further.  To which I said to Mom, "Could you please be my Mom and tell me you love me?" The last one worked.

Thank you, SuperFrog.  Feel free to call on him when you need him.  He helps!

Always, il

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