Supporting Family Caregivers in Long-Term Care


Supporting Family Caregivers in Long-Term Care

"COVID-19 did not create the problems we’re seeing in long-term care; it simply exacerbated them and exposed them in the most public and tragic way."
-- Star Editorial Team, Ontario’s long-term care COVID-19 commission falls short

Myriad reports and studies over the past five months have spoken about the harm caused by visitation restrictions on residents in long-term care and their families in countries across the world. Given the prevalence of these policies and their repercussions, we thought it valuable to focus July's virtual, Twitter chat (hosted Sunday, July 26) on long-term care through--and beyond--COVID-19. It was an engaging conversation--we had 64 participants, and our hashtag was used over 340 times. We covered a range of topics including how we could improve care communication, “must haves” for caregivers to get the support they need, and some words of support. Read on to learn what our participants, many of whom offer thought leadership on this very topic, had to say.

July #CareChat Questions & Responses

How could we improve communication with family caregivers and residents in long-term care during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond?


What is on your list of “must haves” for family caregivers to get the support they need in long-term care settings?


What types of programs or additional layers of care support (i.e. palliative care) have you heard of or experienced that enhance long-term care? What is the impact?


What advice or words of comfort do you have for family caregivers at this time?

A big thank you to those who joined us for July's care chat. You can join us on Twitter the last Sunday of every month for engaging conversations about the events, issues, and policies that directly impact caregivers. Check out #CareChat to catch up on the latest conversations and tune into our next discussion on August 30 at 9pm ET/8pm CT

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