Surrounded and Supported


Surrounded and Supported

After watching the AWESOME Crimson Tide of University of Alabama WIN the National Championship game in a nail biting event, and having Nick Saban keep saying he wanted the team to win, they supported each other and they, as a team, wanted to win, it got me thinking.

team-472488_640Some time ago I read somewhere that we need to create a support team as family caregivers. It stuck with me. I have always been good at delegating. I never feel I am the only one who can do a good job. As a manager, I would pick the person I felt was best at the task in hand and assign it and forget it. I knew I had good people around me who knew their job, so I trusted them to do it right.

I now find myself in a position to put that same delegating to work. I sent the letter to my friends and neighbors, asking what they were good at, as people usually know their own strengths. I got over my fear of asking for help and accepted their help. I made a decision a couple weeks ago that I need to do what causes me the least amount of stress. I have to stay healthy and stress is debilitating. I decided to become the manager again. The manager of my own destiny.

I will be the only person standing at the end of my dual caregiving role. My mother is 93, I certainly hope I outlive her. My husband is four years my junior but his diagnosis makes it very improbable that he will outlive me. The statistic of 20% of caregivers dying before their caree was eye opening to me in many ways. It highlighted the fact that none of us can do this alone. None of us can win a team sport as an individual. I plan on being a winner. I plan on creating my team, accepting their strengths and using those to help me stay standing. I can't win this game alone. I refuse to be a 20%er. Martyrdom has never become me, I am willing to lean on others, just as I am willing to be leaned upon.

The championship trophy is within my reach. My carees will travel, have activities, be well taken care of and meet lots of new folks who are on my team. I will recruit anyone who seems to be interested and will educate those who need educating about the role of family caregiver. Great coaches know how to recruit. Great coaches know how to assign the right tasks. Great coaches have wonderful support from the whole team and all the people on the team. I will make myself that great coach. I am going for the trophy, hand in hand with my team, together we will win. Together we will share victory.

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<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">@srhall419</a> you rock!


You are so inspiring Sharon!! I am ready too!!! I CAN do this!