sunflower-840807_640Some days, I think I will be swallowed by caregiving.

Swallowed by the pressing need to be available when caregiving needs me, regardless of the hour, my plans, my energy level.

Swallowed by the weight of the responsibility to have the right answers and solutions and supplies on a moment's notice.

Swallowed by the sadness as I watch my parents struggle to keep up, to hang on, to continue.

And, yet, I can't wallow in the swallow.

I can swallow back my fear. I am strong enough.

I can swallow back my doubts. I am wise enough.

I can swallow back my worries. I am brave enough.

I can breathe in gratitude for the opportunity to be present during my parents' most vulnerable hours.

I can breathe in gratitude for the chance to learn and grow and get better.

I can breathe in gratitude to be a part of one of life's most important experiences.

I can breathe.

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Oh yes, Denise, I can certainly see that happening in your situation! I am so glad you've shared this. I feel like my being swallowed up comes from something invisible-the expectations of my caree who won't verbalize what they are feeling and need. I know I need to work on that kind of sharing so I won't end up like her. Maybe she is unable after so many years of being stoic. :(


<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> you are one gifted writer! :)


Denise, your blog captures caregiving in all its dimensions so well in so few words. The exhaustion, the fear, the strength to carry on as well as recognizing the precious moments and opportunities. Thanks you.

Lillie Fuller

I love this one Denise. When I was working on the cookbook, I found so much comfort in reading the comforts! I read all of them! Some days it's either we are being swallowed by everything or everything is just to much for us to swallow. Seems somedays there is no inbetween.


Writing is what helps me <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/reneenorman/' rel=\"nofollow\">@reneenorman</a> which is why I took a few minutes to write this piece. That's my self-care.

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