Tag--You're Sick!


Tag--You're Sick!

tissuesIt was this time last year when I got involved with caregiving.com, planning to blog about having three kids and caregiving for two of them. Last year the flu kicked in with the kids and my oldest daughter's mystery illness started roaring its head pretty ugly. So, it took a very long time to come back to blogging. Like I keep saying, though, this year I really want to make it a priority.

But, as flu season comes and sits on us again, I find no time to write. The kids are passing the flu around like it's a game of hot potato. And I am catching little bits of it here and there. Oh, I wish it was gone! Even my husband has picked up some parts of it too. And sorry, men, but I have yet to meet one who doesn't become a baby about being sick. He did get away from it this week, due to business, so hopefully he'll be well again when he comes home. Looking at the attendance record for all three kids, someone has been sick since January 22nd. I think there were two days at the beginning of Feb when I had all three kids in school. I remember those days because I even got a workout in on those two days.

I got out the other day, briefly, to pick up homework and some groceries. It was a pretty sunny day and I was amazed to see the world was functioning as normal. Kids were walking home from school. Friends were in the grocery store picking up dinner supplies. Stuck at home in the misery of flu symptoms, soiled clothes, changing bed sheets, antibacterial wiping of surfaces over and over again, wiping of yucky noses, dealing with less-than-steller temperaments, trying so hard not to get the gunk on myself, constantly changing clothes, doing more and more laundry, making food that barely gets eaten... Ahhhhhhh, I forget that the real world is functioning.

I grew up looking forward to the end of the school year and a Perfect Attendance Award. I brought that parental idea to my life as a parent. Quickly, I learned that is not in the cards for my family. But, we are not a dirty family and our house is relatively clean--messy often, but definitely clean. My kids are asked to wash their hands upon pick-up from school or as soon as they get home. We eat fairly healthy, So, why do we spend days upon days dealing with the flu, here. How can I prevent this eternal flu outbreak next year? As I lay awake at 2:00 a.m., this is a re-occurring thought. What else can we do?

I hate the flu. Can you guess? It makes me think I'm not doing enough. I'm not getting my kids enough exercise. I'm not feeding them the right healthy food. I'm not being a good parent because I'm not getting them back to school quicker. I'm not washing the remote enough. I'm blah... blah...blah.

I will not let the flu get the best of me. I know I am doing the best I can. Try as it might, spring will come and the flu will die. It WILL go away and I will still be here! So d*@% you, flu. You will not survive--not in my house.

I hate the flu.

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Fie on the flu!\r\nI'm sending you all plenty of cyber blankets, chicken soup, hot toddies (spiked for the grownups, non-spiked for the kids), and strong healing vibes!\r\nI agree with Denise -- you didn't create the flu. You're doing all you can, which is frustrating when you're sick, because that's enough of a challenge when one is well.\r\nI'm also beaming over a cyber spray can of Flu-B-Gone.


Hi Kristen--I love that you cursed out the flu! Good for you. :) (And, thank you so much for the good giggle.)\r\n\r\nI understand that feeling of responsibility and how easy it is to take blame for the flu.\r\n\r\nBut I'm pretty sure you didn't create the flu. :)\r\n\r\nYou're doing all the right things. You take wonderful care of your children. You love them like no one else could. And, really, that's the true responsibility you have--to love them and help them be who they are meant to be. You do that in spades.\r\n\r\nSo, I'll add my curse to the flu which I hope will keep the flu away: $#!@ you, Flu!! And, stay away from Kristen's!!!\r\n\r\nAnd, you already beat the flu at its own game. You blogged.