Take Our 30-Day Organization Challenge for a Chance to Win $100


Take Our 30-Day Organization Challenge for a Chance to Win $100

cabinet-334128_640We've got a month-full of contests and events for November, National Family Caregivers Month. We've also got a 30-day Organization Challenge.

Spend 15 minutes every day during November getting organized, tell us about it in our 30-Day Organization Challenge in our Forum and you'll be entered into a chance to win $100. You'll be eligible to win when you update us each day in our Forum on your progress. In addition, only a family caregiver (an individual caring for a family member or friend) is eligible to win.

To help you get organized, I'll share prompts in our Organization Challenge Forum to help you focus on a certain area in your house, garage or car. You can follow the prompts or simply do what you know needs to be organized. I created our prompts based on a 30-day challenge from Jennifer Lifford and her blog Clean & Scentsible.

Join us! We begin Saturday, November 1.

30-Day Caregiving Organization Challenge

Day 1: Paperwork: Bills and Receipts

Day 2: Front Entryway

Day 3: Coat Closet or Mudroom

Day 4: Purse or Wallet or Briefcase

Day 5: Cleaning Supplies

Day 6: Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 7: Fridge

Day 8: Freezer

Day 9: Pantry

Day 10: Kitchen Cabinets

Day 11: Dining Area

Day 12: Your Personal Paradise (your own space for your own R&R)

Day 13: Junk Drawer

Day 14: Desk

Day 15: Bathroom Cabinets

Day 16: Medicine Cabinet

Day 17: Linen Closet

Day 18: Appointment Calendar

Day 19: Digital Data

Day 20: Bedroom Closet

Day 21: Sock Drawer

Day 22: Nightstand

Day 23: Paperwork: Medical

Day 24: Personal Care Space

Day 25: Laundry Room

Day 26: Medicines

Day 27: Basement

Day 28: Caree's Activities

Day 29: Garage

Day 30: Car

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> - thank you so much! I am once again brought to tears - this is so timely...now we can afford to get the groceries and supplements that we need!!!


Congrats to <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/lookingheavenward/' rel=\"nofollow\">@lookingheavenward</a>, the random winner of the $100!! (Look for a message from me.)\r\n\r\nThanks sooooo much to all who participated in our challenge. We'll do this again in the spring!!


Hoping to begin this challenge today, and focus on the things Denise is posting. Great ideas, I just need to find the time. I know if I can get it done it will help me to be more organized. It's just..... finding.the.time. :)


Pegi I feel the same way. My room looks like a bomb hit it, the rest of the house is clean though a little unorganized. I thought about posting a before and after pic but I'm scared of what yall would think of the before pic lol!


Oh Pegi, it always seem to be the starting that is hard. Then I run into… well to finish this room, I need to clear a space here to be able to move this… but can't do this, until this is out of way…. then I'm too old to move this by myself and have to coach myself to not try because I'll mess up my back again, etc. (Grrrr…. I used to move heavy furniture alone) I so understand the full time task to figure it out…. instead I end up here!

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