Take Our 30-Day Organization Challenge for a Chance to Win $100


Take Our 30-Day Organization Challenge for a Chance to Win $100

tulips-447602_640With spring on its way, there's not better time to get organized. To help, we’ve also got a 30-day Organization Challenge planned for April.

Spend 15 minutes every day during April getting organized, tell us about it in our 30-Day Organization Challenge in our Forum and you’ll be entered into a chance to win $100. You’ll be eligible to win when you update us each day in our Forum on your progress. In addition, only a family caregiver (an individual caring for a family member or friend) is eligible to win.

To help you get organized, I’ll share prompts in our Organization Challenge Forum to help you focus on a certain area in your house, garage or car. You can follow the prompts or simply do what you know needs to be organized. I created our prompts based on a 30-day challenge from Jennifer Lifford and her blog Clean & Scentsible.

Join us! We begin Wednesday, April 1. (No joke!!)

30-Day Caregiving Organization Challenge

Day 1: Paperwork: Bills and Receipts

Day 2: Front Entryway

Day 3: Coat Closet or Mudroom

Day 4: Purse or Wallet or Briefcase

Day 5: Cleaning Supplies

Day 6: Under the Kitchen Sink

Day 7: Fridge

Day 8: Freezer

Day 9: Pantry

Day 10: Kitchen Cabinets

Day 11: Dining Area

Day 12: Your Personal Paradise (your own space for your own R&R)

Day 13: Junk Drawer

Day 14: Desk

Day 15: Bathroom Cabinets

Day 16: Medicine Cabinet

Day 17: Linen Closet

Day 18: Appointment Calendar

Day 19: Digital Data

Day 20: Bedroom Closet

Day 21: Sock Drawer

Day 22: Nightstand

Day 23: Paperwork: Medical

Day 24: Personal Care Space

Day 25: Laundry Room

Day 26: Medicines

Day 27: Basement

Day 28: Caree’s Activities

Day 29: Garage

Day 30: Car

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Congrats to <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/g-j/' rel=\"nofollow\">@g-j</a> who won our challenge and $100!!