What's Caregiving Like for You? Take Our Annual Survey


What's Caregiving Like for You? Take Our Annual Survey

macro-773957_640It’s survey time!

Once a year, I ask about your experiences in our Annual Family Caregiver Survey. Our 2015 Family Caregiver Survey asks you about your experiences: What’s hard, what help you wish you had, what changes you’ve made because of your role. I use these survey results to create content, groups, webinars, talk shows and video chats to help you. The survey results also ensure I understand your challenges, which helps me advocate on your behalf.

If you help or worry about or care for a family member who has health issues because of an illness or injury or age, please feel free to take the survey.

You can take the survey, which may take as many as 30 minutes, here. If you run out of time during the survey, you can re-enter at any time to complete.

I’ll share the surveys results in future webinars; I’ll let you know when I’ve scheduled the webinars.

During the fall, I’ll also ask you to participate in surveys specific to certain situations, such as using technology, managing working and caregiving, caring for a spouse, and balancing the needs of your caree and your kids.

Thank you so much for taking the survey. I’m so grateful for the time you take to share what caregiving is like for you.

Take Caregiving.com’s 2015 Annual Family Caregiver Survey.

(Please also take a moment to vote in our one-question poll: Is caregiving a negative or positive experience? Or both?)

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<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/denise/' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a>, have I really been here long enough to be taking this survey for the second time? My how time flies!