Taking Care of Myself


Taking Care of Myself


Long time no see. I've been on a sort of "Stay Vacation." The truth is I often have them (Stay Vacations). During such times, I rarely write to others, speak as little as possible, and go out as much as possible. I take time to plan, to write my writing, to listen to music, be where I like to be (even if only for 10 minutes each time), to think (about almost anything), and to be with those I love.

I'm still not much in the mood of writing to others. I just feel I owe it.

I recently had some not so good news. I'm getting over it, finding out all about it and taking care of it. It's related to my health, so it needs to be given very good care.

I have five lumps in my breasts. Three are innocuous, two have left doubt. I also have four polyps in my endometrium, endometrium thickening and some sort of growth (undetermined) in my uterus.

So along with my Stay Vacation, and my parents, and my kids, and my boyfriend, I'm actually finding time to care for myself, hoping for the best, going to doctors, dealing with medical exams and coping.

I'm O.K. I'm not in distress. I'm not uptight. I'm not stressing. I'm just taking care of myself. I really didn't want to talk about it, but then I did want to pay with truth the attention that you have given me.

So it's just one of my times. I have many but this time it has different standards.

Forgive my absence and lack in words, but I'm just to introspective at the moment.



Ana Lamas

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