Taking Care of the Third Caree, the Driveway


Taking Care of the Third Caree, the Driveway

TheDrivewayI've always helped my dad shovel the driveway. Obviously, I helped when I lived at home, as I do now. When I've lived in my own apartment in the city, I went home to my parents' house in the suburbs to help my dad; he used the snow blower while I shoveled. I have four siblings who live in area, including one who lives about two miles from my parents, but I was the one who always helped with the driveway.

When we had a blizzard in February 2011, I initially didn't help. I was living in the city so my sister, who's nearest to my parents, told me she would take care of shoveling the driveway while my parents vacationed. My mom, who called about the blizzard during their vacation, also told me not to worry about the driveway. My younger sister also assured me I shouldn't worry about the driveway as our older sister would take care of it.

My parents were due back from vacation on a Tuesday, about a week after our blizzard. On the Saturday before their return, my sister once again assured me she would take care of the driveway. Well, you can see whether this one is going. A taxi dropped my parents and their luggage at the foot of a driveway full of about two feet of snow topped with a glistening layer of ice. (My sister also said she would pick up my parents at the airport but, obviously, that didn't happen.)

So, my dad tackled the driveway for a few hours on his own the next day. After a game of phone tag with my mom, I finally heard about the problem of the driveway so joined my dad on the following day to chip, chip, chip and then shovel. My sister never asked about the driveway and never came to help.

We've long suggested to my dad that we find someone who can help with shoveling. He has long resisted. He likes the workout he gets and he likes taking care of it early. (On the nights when it's snowing, I would check with my dad about how the shoveling schedule for the next day. Oh, he'll say, we don't have anywhere to go tomorrow so let's take it easy and start at 8. The next morning, the buzz of the snow blower will wake me before 7 a.m.--it's my dad. He can't wait.) Last winter, we had snowstorm after snowstorm. My dad and I spent a lot of time in the driveway, trying to keep up with the snow. We did but, honestly, just barely. Last winter sobered my dad up to reality. It's just too much for us.

Last month, as my dad and I drove home from the hospital, he shared great news: He had hired the son of friends to shovel the driveway. Hallelujah! (I still have to write about my mom's brief hospital stay last month.)

This morning, we finally had some snow--not much but it's heavy and icy. My dad did try to shovel early this morning and had the good sense to stop. My mom called Kevin (I'm not sure if that's his name but we'll call him Kevin) and, an hour later, the driveway was cleared and salted. If we get our expected snow fall tonight, Kevin will call tomorrow morning before coming to tackle the driveway again. Kevin asked my dad if early, like 6:30, works. Oh, my. Music to my dad's ears.

Thank goodness! We've got one caree covered.

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Now I'm thinking of \"Sisters, Sisters\" from White Christmas. :-) What a great memory indeed of your and your dad's generosity and that nice reward. :-)


We had some snow over night and this morning we woke to a shoveled driveway--Kevin arrived early as promised.\r\n\r\nYesterday after lunch, my dad checked out the window and commented that the neighbors' driveway was still uncleared. (We live next door to sisters--siblings--and have another set of sisters--nuns--three houses down. The nuns rent a home from the sister's nephew, who used to live next door. :) )\r\n\r\nHis comment reminded me that after my dad and I tackled our driveway and sidewalk, we would also clear out whatever needed to be shoveled for the next-door sisters. Last winter, because we did so much for the sisters, one of them brought over nice thank you notes and gifts. My dad got a bottle of gin (he loves a gin martini) and we both got a gift card to our favorite gas station in town. \r\n\r\nNice to have these memories.


Hurray! What a relief for you on a number of levels...\r\n\r\nAnd to say we had snowstorm after snowstorm last year doesn't even begin to describe how bad it was coupled with the bitter continued cold. Shoveling was nearly a full time job. P and I sure struggled to keep up with ours.

Lillie Fuller

That's wonderful that he knows it's too much. Sounds just like my Dad used to be, there wasn't snow, but there were a million other things. I guess it's a dad thing to want to do it at the crack of dawn.. Why waste sunlight, right? You're a good daughter! And your sisters, well, I can relate!


LOL - this post made me laugh! And fume a little bit at the sister.