A Caregiving Comfort: Tell


A Caregiving Comfort: Tell

Who can you tell about this, you may wonder?

How can you tell anyone about what just happened, you can't help but think.

You have so much to tell about your day and yet you can't tell how an audience will receive your updates. Will they judge? Will they be horrified? Will they just simply turn a deaf ear?

And, yet, if you don't tell what happened, your muffled story turns into the worst kind of nightmare. The details become more horrible and more devastating the longer the story stays inside. The story turns you into either the villain or the victim. When that happens, you stay rooted in your past, unable to live fully in your present.

That's why you need to tell your story. Maybe you can't trust the an audience of people. That's okay -- you can trust an audience that becomes your journal or your camera or your artwork.

Your story can be difficult to tell. When you take that courageous step to tell your story, you leave behind victim or villain and move into hero. When you tell, you release the past and step into your present.

You have a story to tell. You deserve the opportunity to tell it.

Tell it. Because you never know who needs to hear it and gains inspiration from knowing it.

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I want to share something I had a sudden \"light bulb\" moment about ...\r\n\r\nI happen to live in an area in which the elderly are a high percentage of the population. Some, though far from even a majority, I'd guess, are being cared for in-home by a family member. And many of us don't have the money to hire respite care all that often, if at all.\r\n\r\nSo it occurred to me that a \"caregivers co-op\" might be quite popular ... designed in the same way that more traditional childcare co-ops are designed. I was also inspired by the concept of bringing those taking care of loved ones with dementia/Alzheimer's Disease together as a pair, with other such pairs, for a social occasion.\r\n\r\nSo, being familiar with Meetup.com, I just created \"Caregivers Co-op --(city). I will let you all know what kind of interest this draws; feel free to ask me for how I wrote the description for Meetup, which includes guidelines for who, as the cared-for Loved One (LO), this group is best suited for.