Tell Us: Beginning Today, I Will Do More Of...


Tell Us: Beginning Today, I Will Do More Of...

stretch-63869_640And, I don't mean more laundry or cleaning or worrying.

What could you do more of during your day that will help you feel better?

Could you do more of slowing down your day by giving yourself the time you need? Could you do more of taking time for yourself (even by stepping into the bathroom) so you have a chance to build up your patience, catch a breath, find a perspective?

For me, I'm going to continue to do more of less. A few months ago, I realized less is more. When I do more of less, I find the day runs more smoothly. I'm also adding more standing and stretching because my body feels better when I stand and stretch more.

How can you add more into your day so your day has more to give back to you?

Tell us, beginning today, what you will do more of to feel better.

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I will have to start it tomorrow since I am first seeing this now. I will make more time meditate to listen to my Higher Power. I will also return to writing as it has been difficult for me to do since experiencing a concussion with memory loss. My writing is not the same as it once was. I feel I need to return to it daily even if it is for 5 or 15 minutes a day. Stretching more will help as well!


I have gone back in helping at my nephew school, I enjoy this and my husband work it out so he isn't stuck with mom and my granddaughter. We now have our 3 years o,d granddaughter 5 days a week, in e hours a day. Luckily my mother is finally get along better with her great granddaughter, which makes my life better.

John Parks-Coleman

OK, Denise, I was joking at first, but now I'm sure of it --> YOU ARE A PSYCHIC! I was thinking about the chat that I was in with you, Teresa, and Linda (although I dropped the ball when it came to Linda) today; and, I decided that I was no longer going to give power to those that caused the concerns that I have regarding what happened to me in my past. When I read your post, I cemented it - permanently - into my psyche. I am no longer going to let fear rule my life. This, IMMEDIATELY, had an effect on me, physically and emotionally. Which leads to why I sent that Tweet out, today, thanking four specific people for giving a positive influence today (even though you and Teresa did that yesterday). I can't fully recover from PTSD, nor can Yvonne; however, I CAN exercise some positive control and feedback on my environment, and toward those in my life. Thank you all :-)