Tell Us: Dear Life, Please...


Tell Us: Dear Life, Please...

fountain-pen-270974_640Life hands us that bowl of lemons, so they say.

And, then it hands us another bowl and another and another.

If only we would ask Life to stop. Or to give us a break. Or to give us an answer. Or give us a solution or an insight or a perspective.

So, let's create our own opportunity to ask or suggest or request from Life.

In our comments section, please finish writing a letter to Life:

Dear Life, please....

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I am thinking of you, <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">@desiree</a>! I soooo hope LIfe listens!!


Dear Life, \r\nSorry to bug you again so soon. But I've given this a lot of thought, and it's important to me, so please bear with me.\r\nAs you must know, the last few weeks have been especially tough. For which reason I'd like to put an idea out for your consideration.\r\nHere it is- I'd like for you to lay off my parents for a while. Heart attacks, kidney failure, and dementia are quite enough, thank you kindly. If you feel you simply must deliver those #&amp;$@?!# lemons, send them to me. Hell, I like citrus, and miss being able to grow them in my yard like I did back in San Diego. Maybe if my Mom and Dad got a break from their lemon deliveries, my own life would also improve. I could go back to just caring for my grandma for a while. And drink gallon upon gallon of cold, refreshing

amp;amp;#! lemonade.\r\nHow about it?


Dear Life,\r\nI won't waste time asking you to show a little imagination- much less compassion- by sending me something other than lemons once in a while. But maybe you could throw in a sack of sugar and a box of strawberries, so I can fix us both some lovely strawberry lemonade? A good cookbook, or cooking website would also be welcome.\r\nOn second thought, forget those. I have an excellent +cookbook+ on my nightstand already. And this here looks like a darn good cooking website. But the sugar and strawberries would be more than welcome! \r\n\r\nThanks!\r\nDesiree