Tell Us: Do You Make Controversial Decisions?


Tell Us: Do You Make Controversial Decisions?

Decisions-Decisions-910x1024I retweeted an article today published a few days ago on Huffington Post. The article's headline grabbed me: "The 5 Most Controversial Decisions Alzheimer's Caregivers Will Ever Face."

The author, Marie Marley, lists these decisions as controversial:

1. Should your caree stop driving?

2. Should your caree be placed in a long-term care facility?

3. Is it okay to stop visiting when your caree no longer recognizes you?

4. Is it okay to divorce your caree in the late stages of the disease?

5. Is it time to engage Hospice services?

I was so struck by the word "controversial." The word "controversy" means "a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion." I think of these decisions as difficult and heart-wrenching but I'm not sure I would choose "controversial" as the descriptor. Of course, an editor hoping to attract traffic to a website may be behind the dramatic wording.

I'm curious, though, what you think about controversial decisions. Have you faced a decision that you would define as controversial during your caregiving experience? How did you work through the decision? Who debated the decision with you? How did you ultimately come to a decision?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in our comments section, below.

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