Tell Us: Do You Pay a Higher Price Financially or Emotionally?


Tell Us: Do You Pay a Higher Price Financially or Emotionally?

pennies-15402_640Howard Gleckman, a contributor for, recently shared about research The Impact of Informal Caregiving on Older Adults’ Labor Supply and Economic Resources from Urban Institute. In his article, The High Cost of Caring For An Ailing Parent Or Spouse, Gleckman writes:
Over a 12 year period, nearly 6 of every 10 adult children over 50 will provide some care for an aging parent or in-law and nearly one in five will help an ailing spouse. And those who do are less likely to work, more likely to see a decline in their financial well-being, and more likely to fall into poverty, especially if they provide high levels of personal care for long periods of time.

The article made me wonder about your perspective about the cost of caregiving. Do you feel you pay a higher price financially or emotionally? Is it harder to feel the pinch in your bank account or in your heart? Does the struggle feel harder when balancing the checkbook or trying to figure out how to manage another heartache? Or, does it just depend on the day?

I'd love to know your perspectives and experiences. Share your thoughts in our comments, below.

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gena Haynes



I'm going to embrace the paradox here. More of an emotional or financial toll?\r\n\r\nYes. The answer is definitely yes.



Lillie Fuller



Emotional, for sure. The isolation, the constant worry, the juggling of how to get out for groceries, chores, etc., and not leave her alone. The always pending feeling of anticipation of when something could go wrong. The feeling of being \"trapped\" in the house, day in and day out. Literally, \"running\" to the store while she naps with the fear she will get up and fall, or forget to put her diaper back on after using the bathroom.\r\nEmotional trumps any financial. We lived here before she came to live with us, so the financial is the same as it has always been, but the emotional toll has, at times, been almost overwhelming.\r\nI just had my first 5 days of respite in almost 2 years. Driving back home was like driving myself off a cliff. I knew I had to come home, but wished I could just keep driving, ala Thelma and Louise.

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