Tell Us: For What Would You Like to be Famous?


Tell Us: For What Would You Like to be Famous?

no-1-ribbon-mdI read an article today with this headline: Family hoped for a girl, gets 12th baby boy.

After I read the article, I thought, Now they are famous for having 12 boys.

Not that that's bad. It's wonderful to be blessed with so many children. I just wondered if they ever expected that this would bring them fame.

And, probably during your day, you feel like you're famous for what you never expected you'd be known for: detecting incontinence before anyone else, the dark circles under your eyes, the ability to make your pajamas look like an outfit.

Let's cast aside your caregiving infamy and replace it with a true dream.

So, I'm wondering: For what would you like to be famous? What would you like to accomplish or attain or create that brings you recognition, that becomes the legacy that you leave, that fills you with pride? Please share in our comments section, below.

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Hmmmm.... I think that I would like to be famous for/remembered for my endurance and integrity. Mainly that, \"I'm still here through the sunshine and the pain!\"\r\n\r\nGosh, living and breathing this life is not easy. This is where I can honestly say that caregiving is not for the weak. Like I said in one of our chat sessions.... \"We're all heavy weight title holders!\" You got to be able to \"float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.\"