Tell Us: Has Social Media Helped You Get Better Care?


Tell Us: Has Social Media Helped You Get Better Care?

birds-281134_640It can be hard to trust that a service provider, like a home health agency or skilled nursing facility, will do what you need them to do--provide quality, timely, professional care.

When you hire help, you can feel like you're not just stepping into a pool but diving straight into the deep end. You take a deep breath as you take the plunge.

The worry, of course, is that something will go wrong and you won't be able to fix it. You may feel anxious about being able to control the type of care provided and then not having any influence over that care.

The good news: We live in a great big wonderful world that includes that amazing influencer called social media. With a tweet or a post on Facebook, you can share publicly about a company which isn't providing the care you want, which may be overcharging you or simply doesn't deliver on the contract details.

So, I'm wondering: Have you used social media, like Twitter or Facebook, to complain about a home health agency, skilled nursing facility, hospital, pharmacy, durable medical equipment provider or another company you use to help your caree?

Tell us how you use social media to ensure your caree's quality care in our comments, below.

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What an awesome story, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@bootsie</a>!! Amazing the power of social media. It really can be another weapon in our arsenal.


I haven't used it as a sounding board to complain, but fortunately I haven't had to. It has been invaluable to me though, to connect with friends and family as part of my day not to feel so isolated.


I don't know if it's helped with better care but it does have some interesting articles and advice. What it has helped is my stress level. Just finding people who are going through similar circumstances is a big help.