Tell Us: Have You Thought of Suicide?


Tell Us: Have You Thought of Suicide?

Several years ago, one of our members said to me, "I've thought of suicide. I know others have, too."

On "60 Minutes" this past Sunday, Mike Daly, who cares for his wife, shared that he thought of suicide. You can watch the segment, below.

It's a tough conversation to have. I wonder, though, if it's also a very important one to have. Have you thought of suicide? Please share your experiences and thoughts in our comments section, below.


  • If you feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

  • We regularly write about caregiving stress, including our Path to Caregiving Stress series last year.

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So... I have thought of suicide off and on throughout my life. When I was a teen-ager, the teachings of the Catholic church saved me (we were taught suicide was a sin). When I was in a horrible marriage, I saved myself with the thought, \"God gave me the gift of life, I can't give it back.\" When the struggle and stresses of running a small business that was running out of gas got to me, I made myself get up every day to try to get to better. I will tell you, though, that better often felt like just completely and utterly giving up in all ways. I did Google searches to find out if a bottle of tylenol would do the trick. \r\n\r\nAs I think about the times I've thought of suicide, I find it interesting that I've never considered it when my parents were seriously ill. So many times in life I have felt taken. During caregiving, I have felt given.


every single day i wish i was dead its the only thing am looking forward to i gave up everything and for what never had a life and never will death is the only thing am looking forward to


Suicide? I have not thought of taking my own life. I have no great urge to live a long life. Many times I wonder what value there is in a long life. If there is anything akin to suicide in me I believe it would be the overwhelming loss of excitement about being alive. I don't even remember if I felt excited about being alive before this caregiving began. Having said that I do not actively participate in self-destructive behavior although I am an insomniac and I am overweight which are two huge life-shortening attributes. Am I suicidal? I don't think I am suicidal. I also do not know if that gives me any joy. I don't want to be labeled as suicidal because I do not want to be in a hospital or taken care of by others because I cannot find my way. I think I am tired, worn thin by the constancy of caregiving and the daily stresses that eventually erode health both physical and mental. I think the sense of being on a long journey with no idea when I will arrive at the destination coupled with my inability to change the truth of my husband's diagnosis wears on me more and more each day.