Tell Us: How Do You Answer for Their Absence?


Tell Us: How Do You Answer for Their Absence?

In our chatroom a few weeks ago, we tackled a tough topic:

How do you explain to your caree those family members who remain absent?

When family members go AWOL, we're left with the responsibilities and the explanations. Our caree looks to us to explain the unexplainable: Where did they go during our time of need?

I'd love to know how you explain those absences to your caree. When your caree asks where they are, how do you answer?

Share your answers and experiences in our comments section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

I guess I am lucky that I don't have to explain to my mom why her daughter doesn't come around. My mom knows and doesn't make excuses for her anymore like she and my dad used to do.


First, I would like someone to explain it to ME! Mom's dementia is far enough that she rarely asks about my missing siblings (some more missing than others). When she asks about Dad, it is enough for her that he is \"resting upstairs.\"