Tell Us: How Do You Describe What You Do?


Tell Us: How Do You Describe What You Do?

dependent-826332_640We’re celebrating you during November, which is National Family Caregivers Month.

As we close out the month, let’s talk about what you’d like organizations and communities to know about what you do.

We started with the health care system, then moved to your family and your house of worship and retail stores and your community and your employer and ad agencies. Today, let's describe what you do.

How do you explain what you do as you care for your caree? What words do you use to illustrate what your day looks like? What responsibilities and tasks encompass a caregiving experience?

Share your thoughts in our comments section, below.

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Lillie Fuller

I would say that I am here to make my mom's life easier for her, to do whatever it is that she cannot do for herself.


I do what I can to live as fully as I can while I ensure my parents live as fully as they can.


Family caregivers are people who earn their angel wings while still here on earth. They multitask with the best CEOs, they juggle schedules better than a politician on the campaign trail, they administer medications with the skill of a transplant surgeon and they run a household even Martha Stewart couldn't handle. And they do it all with unending care and love for their caree. Family caregivers are what most people wish they were, compassionate, loving and kind. I am a proud family caregiver.