Tell Us: How Do You Keep Going?


Tell Us: How Do You Keep Going?


I suppose the obvious answer to how we keep going is: "What other choice do I have?"

I totally get that.

I'm wondering, though, how you manage to face each new day, move through the day and then close the day with the knowledge that you in some ways live the same day over and over?

How do you stay motivated?

In our comments section, below, tell us who, how and what helps you continue.

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A little coffee helps...\n...a lot of coffee does even better!\n\nHaving a garden and access to other people's crops gives me a chance to create the food which brings energy and well being for myself and the people I serve. Especially being able to have bananas, tobacco, coffee and teas grown in exotic places.\n\nPerforming daily tasks in different and creative ways. Like employing art as medicament while taking pride in the most menial of duties.\n\nSharing in laughter and expressing gratitude for the little pleasures along the way. Taking the time to listen and really being there to capture those precious moments.\n\nYes, I love what we do and enjoy helping others find their own paths to fulfillment. Does it show?


I'm reminded of the movie 'Groundhog Day'.... each day seems to be rinse and repeat.... I keep going 5 minutes at a time