Tell Us: How Do You Know If Someone Doesn't Get It?


Tell Us: How Do You Know If Someone Doesn't Get It?

background-111322_640I think we all do our best to keep an open mind, giving others the benefit of the doubt.

So, we share our day as others ask. We talk about what's going on and may even show our vulnerability--expressing our fears and worries.

And, then something will happen during the conversation or interaction that makes us think: "Ah! They just don't get what I'm going through."

It could be what's said. It could be what's not said. It could be a facial expression or body language. In some way, you receive the signal that your audience (a family member, a friend, a health care professional) just doesn't get what your caregiving day--and life--is like.

I'd love to know what that is for you. How do you know when someone doesn't get what caregiving is like? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below.

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All I can do is nod and agree with all of you here, mainly because I'm a bit tired at the moment. :3


There is person who keeps saying I do nothing productive during the day. I am just lazy because all I do is sit around and do nothing and just making excuses that I am helping mom or my friend. Personally I just ignore him as he does not understand. He should be taking care of his mother but she was put in a nursing home as he would not do anything for her.