How Do You Manage Caregiving and Your Career?


How Do You Manage Caregiving and Your Career?

The New York Times published an article this afternoon with tips on how to manage work while you're caregiving. (You can read the article here.)

The tips mentioned in the article include:

  • using the Family and Medical Leave Act in order to create plans, manage emergencies, transition your caree into another care setting;

  • checking with your HR Department to learn about resources available to you which can help, including an Employee Assistance Program or Work/Life benefit;

  • talking with your boss about a plan to mange your work load and your caregiving responsibilities;

  • carving out time for your own hobbies and interests;

  • keeping focused on the present and letting go of the "what was."

I'd love to know what tips you would add. How do you manage work and caregiving? Do you have tips about how to work effectively with co-workers when you're also swamped with caregiving? How do you manage an unsupportive boss? Do you worry about whether or not to quit your job? Or, do you keep you job out of financial necessity or because it provides a respite from caregiving?

Please share your experiences and thoughts in our comments section, below.


  • You'll find tips on how to manage caregiving and your career (including your small business) here.

  • A back-up plan is a necessity in caregiving, regardless of whether or not you work. You'll find articles which can help you create back-up plans here.

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